Zoro Vs Robin/ Sanji Vs Robin, In A Serious Zoro Vs Robin Fight, Who Will Win


Here you can read the text:Part 1 / 2 / 3/Part 4/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9Comrades in Arms ~ Thriller Bark và Sabody Arcs ~ Now after Skypiea và Water 7, the Zoro và Robin moments die down, but there is still a few lớn be had. Perhaps Oda didn’t want to lớn introduce romance into his story, especially given that when asked who the Straw Hats loved, he answered adventure. If he had kept Zo
Robin going so strong in the next few arcs, I think it would have moved from ambiguous & more and more into canon. So he definitely toned it down, but it’s still there from time to lớn time.

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One of the most interesting scenes between them is after Luffy tames Kerberos, a zombie with two dogs heads và a fox head, Robin teases the beast by saying it doesn’t look so good. Zoro replies with, “don’t pity him, you’re hurting his pride.” (the “Weeell” isn’t very Zoro-like và based on what Zoro says in the anime, I am guessing whoever translated this was a bit too liberal here). It is interesting that Zoro felt the need to lớn go out of his way to lớn tell Robin not pity a man because it will hurt his pride. Is he really talking about Kerberos here? That would be the surface/basic reading, but why would Zoro care about the pride of some random zombie dog? I don’t think he does. I believe when he says those lines, he is referring to lớn himself. He would never want Robin lớn pity him và we all know Zoro’s pride is pretty damn important to him. Why did he feel the need to make this communication? because obviously he doesn’t want the woman he cares about to lớn take pity on him. Lớn someone like Zoro, it would be a pain worse than death. In Zoro’s mind, he wants Robin to lớn see him at his very best. Furthermore, by even making this communication, he is stating that he feels Robin can understand him. That if he says “don’t pity him because you’re hurting his pride”, Robin will understand him enough khổng lồ realize that it is something important to lớn Zoro and will respect it. There is a sense of mutual understanding in this exchange. There is also a sense of esteem of Robin. In the case of Nami, there is a sense that she just doesn’t get “a man’s romance”. As she is always getting angry at the male crew mates for fooling around. Robin doesn’t vị this and as such, Zoro feels she will be able to lớn understand where he is coming from. This is reinforced in the later fight against Oars:


After the “pirate docking”, Zoro decides to start an offensive against Oars and who does he ask to lớn help him? Robin, of course~ This is one of my favourite Zo
Robin moments because it shows that Zoro respects her as his equal in a fight. He believes her able khổng lồ handle herself in a fight, so he asks her khổng lồ team up with him. It’s one of the many reasons I like them together.


During the Sabody arc, right when Zoro was about to be killed by Kizaru, all the Straw Hats stand transfixed as Zoro is about lớn meet his doom. All except Robin, who tries to desperately rescue Zoro using her devil fruit powers. Alas, she fails và Kizaru just steps on Zoro lớn prevent her from dragging him off, but it is a nice way lớn show just how much Robin cares by having her be the one desperately trying to lớn save Zoro from imminent death. Thankfully for the Straw Hats, Rayleigh shows up and occupies Kizaru. Another interesting parallel is that when Kuma is sending the Straw Hats off, Zoro is the first to lớn go and Robin is the last (well if one doesn’t count Luffy & in this case I don’t because the idea was that Luffy was slowly losing his comrades, starting with Zoro & ending with Robin).


When the crew is travelling to Fishman Island, they happen upon some undersea volcanoes. To stop the lava from reaching them, Zoro decides lớn go out and cut it in half. But Robin stops him because the water pressure would crush him. Now it’s true he gets seemingly angry at her for trying lớn stop him, but in the very next page, he shows no resentment at all. He is in fact impressed with Usopp, so this was more a misunderstood outburst. Before Robin explains to lớn him why she is stopping him, Zoro instinctively gets annoyed (especially since the lava is just about to lớn reach them) and tells her to lớn let him go. But what’s nice about this is that it once again is a subtle nod that Robin cares about Zoro’s well-being và that she is the one that can stop him from being reckless.


The most recent shippy scene between them happens at the beginning of the current on going arc, Punk Hazard. Here Zoro & Robin are sitting in the back of Mini Merry and they happen to eat their lunch together. It’s such a dễ thương moment. I can’t help but lượt thích it. :3 chú ý that Luffy has already finished his lunch and that Robin is sharing hers with him, so Luffy isn’t eating lunch together with them. It was just Zoro & Robin. Such a couple-like thing khổng lồ do, eat lunch together, especially if you consider that one of them had to start eating & the other decided to lớn join in. Ah, that is just too adorable. X3 I’m hoping for more of these sorts of scenes.

A Special Bond Shared with ChopperThe other thing about Robin & Zoro is that they both get along extremely well with Chopper. In fact, it almost seems like Zoro is a surrogate father to lớn Chopper và Robin a surrogate mother, which just brings about the most shippy of implications. Not that I mind.


And look at this adorable scene between Chopper & Robin. Chopper, exhausted from using 3 rumble balls, lays on Robin’s legs. It’s another very symbolic image of a mother soothing her child. Oh và what’s this?! Zoro is saying, “I don’t want to hear that from you.” What could he mean? Bubble placement-wise, that should be a response lớn Chopper, but that doesn’t quite make sense since Chopper is asking if anyone else is hurt. I guess Zoro might mean he doesn’t want khổng lồ hear someone saying they will perform operations when they themselves are so worn out. But Chopper does that anyway in the next page (with the help of Robin). Now as a reply khổng lồ Sanji? Yeah, that makes perfect sense since Zoro finds Sanji’s womanizing ridiculous và often makes fun of him for it. & if that’s the case, my my, Zoro is annoyed that Sanji trying to lớn lay down on Robin’s legs. What could this mean indeed!

I know everyone who reads One Piece has the impression that Sanji và Zoro are a level above the rest of the Straw Hats except Luffy, and this is in no simple terms supported by Oda in the way fights are schemed as well as the way characters are portrayed.Taking symbolisms, story devices, và others out of the picture though, who would win in a fight of Zoro VS Robin? Robin has an almost unbeatable ability especially for non-devil fruit users. What prevents Robin from just sprouting limbs from Zoro's body and taking away his swords just like she did in Alabasta? I doubt Zoro can slash his own body to attack the limbs. How could Zoro even wield his sword if he's held in a clutch which prevents him from even using his strength THe same way, how would Sanji even be able lớn beat Robin? IF Robin starts out with a clutch on Sanji's feet, there is no way Sanji can gather momentum enough lớn strengthen his legs to break free. Take cảnh báo that Robin can use up lớn 200 copies of her own limbs, the combined strength of which can easily nullify the strength advantange of sanji & zoro if they try lớn break không lấy phí of the clutch

Good thing shes a good guy now eh
But I would say Zoro as it is easier for him to slash then for Sanji to pull off his foot work when he is trapped by a sea of limbs.
i bởi vì think that such a power nguồn (robin) is useless againt strong guy
We often saw that kind of power , khổng lồ "block" someone and others thing like that.but always physical strengh and will > block techniques
That the way i think even donquichote will be defeated
Luffi or another is gonna thua , but at the kết thúc , gonna be angry , và output the block

If Zoro or Sanji can be fast enough lớn attack Robin before she ca react, they would win.

I think this is pretty tough to lớn say. We really haven't seen Robin go all out, và since the other Straw Hats have gotten huge power boosts in this arc, it's perfectly fair lớn assume that she has done too, she just happens lớn be handcuffed with Seastone right now. Và since no one's power nguồn boosts have been what we'd expect, we just cannot say where Robin is at right now.I used to lớn rank Robin above Sanji but below Zoro, but seeing how Sanji has amazed us all, I would very tentatively say that she is around the same level as those two, with Luffy now claiming his position as strongest by more than ever before.

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well i think zoro could just spin his swords lượt thích crazy and sanji can just spin really fast too but that might not work

You bởi realise that you posted this in the wrong place, right? It should have gone in the manga/anime battledome.It's hard to lớn say who wins as we haven't seen the limits of her power, plus Zoro and/or Sanji could just power nguồn out of it, they are strong as hell nowadays.
The thing with Robin is that she can trip people and mess up attacks with her ability. That's a big issue for zoro và sanji, just lượt thích it was for the falcon guy in the Arabasta arc. Zoro runs with swords out, only khổng lồ have a hand appear & poke him in the eyes from the đứng đầu of his head, và foot pop out of his right ankle lớn trip his left foot., and a mouth appear in his ear and start shouting,Sanji would find her even harder to lớn fight because she's so sexy. All she'd have to bởi vì is make breasts appear all over him và he'd die of a nosebleed... Or be too wrapped up in groping himself khổng lồ care.
You do realise that you posted this in the wrong place, right? It should have gone in the manga/anime battledome.It's hard to lớn say who wins as we haven't seen the limits of her power, plus Zoro and/or Sanji could just power nguồn out of it, they are strong as hell nowadays.
No, fights are fine here as long as they're between OP characters. Besides, this thread is more of a discussion about Robin's strength than anything else.
The thing with Robin is that she can trip people và mess up attacks with her ability.That's a big issue for zoro & sanji, just like it was for the falcon guy in the Arabasta arc.Zoro runs with swords out, only lớn have a hand appear and poke him in the eyes from the vị trí cao nhất of his head, và foot pop out of his right ankle to trip his left foot., và a mouth appear in his ear & start shouting,Sanji would find her even harder to fight because she's so sexy.All she'd have to vị is make breasts appear all over him & he'd die of a nosebleed... Or be too wrapped up in groping himself to care.
Yes, the most important thing that people forget about Robin is that she's not limited to hands. It's any part of her body toàn thân that she can grow on any organic surface. Her potential is simply insane, nothing else can describe it.She doesn't even need to lớn be in the same place as the person she's fighting. She can create eyes & then use them khổng lồ target out of her normal eyeline.
I dont know about Sanji but I think Zoro's freakish godly streangth would be too much even for Robin. Besides if Robin were to lớn win against Zoro it would mean he would be down in lượt thích 10 secs and there is no way in hell that would happen ;p